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Achieving Quality and Safety through an ISO Certification is a way to gain both trust and competitiveness.


Find out more in this interview with Bo Lekare, IT and Quality Manager and Magnus Wall, CEO of Graniten, where they explain the why, the what and the how of ISO in this news post.

The why of ISO

Graniten has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006 and Bo Lekare started at Graniten in 2021. 

-”Graniten takes pride in being ISO certified, it ensures us adherence to internationally recognized standards for quality and workplace safety. With ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety, Graniten strives to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products while maintaining a secure and sustainable work environment”, says Bo.

What is ISO Certification and How Do We Work with It?

ISO certification confirms compliance with internationally recognized standards. At Graniten, it means implementing specific rules and guidelines. It serves as a quality seal assuring our stakeholders that our products meet requirements, and that our workplace is designed with safety and sustainability in mind.

ISO 9001: Improving Quality Standards

Graniten actively works with ISO 9001 to improve and maintain high product quality. We achieve this by integrating quality work into every aspect of our processes. Through regular cross-functional meetings, we identify and implement improvements to continuously raise the product quality within the company.

ISO 45001: Prioritizing Workplace Safety and Health

ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety focuses on health and workplace safety. Graniten has safety representatives who review the work environment annually, assessing its impact on employees. We also conduct regular employee discussions to monitor well-being and promote a healthy work environment.

The Impact of ISO Certification on our customers

At Graniten we work thoroughly with ISO standards and dedicate exceptional resources to adhere to their requirements. ISO certification becomes a quality stamp, providing direct reassurance to pharmaceutical customers that our products and pharmaceutical packaging services are delivered with excellent quality and safety.

Bo has worked with ISO certifications for over 25 years, in many organizations, and he feels Graniten has a unique way of working which makes it a dynamic process: 


No other company I have been with, have actively worked with continuous improvement in this way. We work dedicated in bi-weekly process improvements meetings to ensure all processes are maintained and updated. Says Bo Lekare. 


Our CEO, Magnus Wall can confirm:

Our comprehensive ISO integration across all areas of the company ensures that ISO is not merely a certification on paper but a woven part of our daily operations, consistently driving improvement.  

Magnus Wall

In conclusion:

ISO certification plays a crucial role for Graniten, enabling us to establish high-quality standards and a safe working environment. Aligning with ISO standards enhances our operations and reinforces our dedication to exceptional quality and safety in the pharmaceutical industry.

Graniten also has a silver medal-status in the EcoVadis rating, which is a globally recognized business sustainability rating provider that over 75,000 companies use to assess and improve their sustainability performance. Graniten is in the top 25% segment of the participating companies. 

“Together, the EcoVadis and ISO certification are important sustainability and quality tools for us in our focus on becoming a business leader in technical solutions and innovations within the scope of manufacturing and engineering.Says Magnus Wall, CEO at Graniten. 


Do you share our passion for IT and Quality process development? 

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