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The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, and there are several trends that are currently shaping the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Companies that can adapt to these trends and capitalize on new opportunities are likely to be the most successful in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape. 

Graniten, a product company that develops and produces high technology packaging machines for global manufacturers, keeps their ears really close to the customers’ changing needs.  

Anders Wilhelmsson, Key Account Manager at Graniten, tells us more about his market insights. 

Market insights

-” The segment of personalized medications is growing and one of our largest customers states, that their product portfolio will soon be dominated by biological drugs. Since bio drugs are produced in smaller batches this leads to an increase of the product mix, resulting in scenarios where a manufacturers packaging line must be able to handle more than 300 recipes.  A high product mix with low volumes can lead to a low utilization of the packaging equipment due to complicated changeovers, including line clearance and cleaning. Traditional packaging lines may only run efficiently for a few minutes per day, if they have not been designed for “Close to zero” change over time”. 

Getting curious? Read about the latest trends here: 

Pharmaceutical trends

Personalized medicine:  

Advances in technology and genetics are enabling the development of personalized medicine, which involves tailoring treatment to the specific needs of individual patients based on their genetic make-up and other factors.  

Digital health:  

The use of digital technology, such as wearables, mobile apps, and telemedicine, is transforming healthcare and enabling more personalized and convenient care for patients.  

Biologics and gene therapy:  

Biologics and gene therapy are a growing area of focus in the pharmaceutical industry, with many companies investing heavily in the development of new treatments that can target specific diseases at the genetic level.  

Data analytics:  

The use of data analytics is becoming increasingly important in drug development and commercialization, enabling companies to better understand patient needs, identify new opportunities, and improve efficiency.  


There is a growing focus on sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry, with companies working to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and reduce their environmental impact.  

Collaborative research:  

Collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government agencies is becoming more common, enabling companies to leverage the expertise of multiple partners and accelerate the pace of drug development.  

Overall, these trends are driving significant change in the pharmaceutical industry and are likely to continue shaping the industry in the years to come.  



Anders, how does Graniten adapt to these trends and capitalize on new opportunities? 

-” Our product development circles around offering machines that have a small footprint, that can realize a short time to market and, increase the packaging efficiency on personalized medicine. 

Our latest invention, The Graniten Flexline packaging platform, is designed to handle high mix, low volume production. It can handle many different formats of bottles, vials, syringes and autoinjectors with close to zero changeover time. And thanks to the modular concept of the platform, it is possible to alter the machine for future needs and get a true sustainable solution.  

As a sales representative at Graniten it is truly inspiring to be part of a very interesting journey where our machines enable our customers to for produce bio drugs in an efficient and sustainable way”.  

Anders Wilhelmsson KAM at Graniten

Anders Wilhelmsson, Key Account Manager at Graniten next to one module of the Flexline packaging platform

Facts about Graniten

Graniten is a global provider of machine solutions to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare automation sector. They are a valuebased product company with a high competence within automation, electrical design and mechanical engineering

As one of the world’s most innovative automation companies, they help their customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

Graniten aim is to become a business leader in technical solutions & innovations.

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