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Since 1992, Graniten has built turn-key solutions and offers products ranging all the way from custom innovations to full-scale production equipment. Global pharmaceutical companies and healthcare suppliers around the globe are the testimony to our exceptional service. Our core purpose is to empower our customers, enabling them to enhance their production capabilities and workflow efficiency, ultimately improving patient care and safety.  

Our commitment to customer support extends beyond product delivery, covering the entire lifecycle of our products.

Therefore, Graniten provides 24/7/365 service and support using modern tools to help our customers reach their availability and productivity goals.

Stay tuned to find out more. 


Providing good service and support is critical for all our customers and for as long as we have delivered our products to the market, Graniten has offered excellent aftermarket services to help and support our customers. With new technology this has improved the customer experience and revolutionized the time to resolve an issue. 



At Graniten we offer: 

  • 24/7 helpdesk  
  • Graniten customer portal 
  • Remote service / AR support  
  • Production assistance 


Let us give you some more details. 

Support button

24/7 helpdesk 

Graniten provides our customers with support 24/7 via our helpdesk. A phone number to call one of our technicians for any emergency support is a great safety for our customers. 

Graniten customer portal 

All our customers are provided with login to our customer portal to ask for: support, service, Q&A or spare parts. An easy accessed portal where you as a customer can follow your ticket. 

You can either register a ticket in our system, via your computer or smart phone, giving the location and site information or just send an email that creates a ticket for you. A quick and simple solution often used by our customers.  

Graniten customer portal
Anna Ahlberg

Meet one of our Technical customer support agents

The ticket is logged and handled by our technical customer support agents. Here is Anna Ahlberg, one of our technical customer support agents at Graniten.  

Furthermore, they will see to that the ticket is transferred to the correct person depending on the content of the specific case and knowledge and experience of the team. Every ticket is handled within an hour from being sent and registered in the system! Should the ticket not have been handled within the hour it is immediately escalated to the Service & Support Manager. 



Our resolutions results are really high, something we are extremely proud of”

says Freddy Viitala, Service & Support Manager at Graniten. 

Freddy Viitala

Remote service  

Our Technicians take on the case and escalate within the company if necessary. The technicians respond with a solution or request more information, they can share videos and files in the portal e.g. upload a part of a manual. 

If we see that the problem is of such a nature that it can’t be solved immediately, the case is escalated to the Backoffice-support team, where our engineering teams can help with support and knowledge of the case. 

Time to resolve an issue is tracked for every customer to be able to constantly improve and creating the best customer experience.   

AR support  

Remote access is also available as an option to use new technology to improve the support. Via the tool, TeamViewer Pilot, the technician can connect to a camera via their computer and help the customer live, so called Augmented reality, (AR). 

AR can be described as a combination of reality and a layer of visual data. This enables us to point at objects or make drawings, to guide the customer, easily and efficiently. We also have the possibility to connect directly to the machine. Our service engineers can see what is happening in the software and do some troubleshooting remotely.  To find out more on this topic please read our Blog around AUGMENTED REALITY IN THE PHARMA INDUSTRY. 


Production assistance 

In the end, the result of a ticket may be that we need to visit the customer for an emergency visit within a short period of time but it can also be a scheduled service visit to the customer site. 

Customer focus 

The tickets in our customer portal are never closed by Graniten.  

It is when the customer is satisfied with the solution that they can decide to close the ticket. The Portal gives great possibility for the customer to follow the ticket and see any changes in escalation or priority and why the change has been made. A transparent way to follow the resolution of your issue.

On site support


In conclusion, the new technology really improves the customer experience.  Whether it is over the phone, on site service or via remote connection and Augmented Reality (AR), we are there to support and give the best possible experience for our customers. 

By staying close to our customers we are committed to continuously improve our customer relations.

So if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to our Service Team at Graniten.

We are here for you! 

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