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Compact Machine Design for Pharmaceutical Packaging Efficiency. In this post, we touch base with why compact machine design for pharmaceutical packaging is so beneficial. And how Graniten tried to push boundaries with the new TS230 case packer palletizer for tape sealed boxes.

Floorspace efficiency.

Whether at work or in a professional environment, a lack of space is something we all stumble upon. When designing a new packaging line or upgrading an existing one, fitting in end of line equipment, especially for pharmaceutical packaging, can be utmost challenging.

The benefits of compact machine design in a nutshell.

Space for pharmaceutical packaging booths is expensive. Even though pharmaceutical packaging booths do not require the strictest cleanroom conditions, a cleanroom-like design is used by most of our customers to limit dust transfer and improve cleanability. A cost of 2500 to 4000 €/m2 is thus not unheard of. To place that in perspective, parking a midsize car inside a pharmaceutical packaging booth would cost you around 35 thousand euros of space.

Most of the time, the space within the pharmaceutical production facility simply is not available, even if you would be willing to pay for it. The more compact the machine solution is, the more retrofits, upgrades, and lay-outs become possible, especially in the context of pharmaceutical packaging.

Apart from the floorspace that the actual machine takes, the different sets of format parts also require space. Limiting format parts for changeovers, thus indirectly affects pharmaceutical packaging floorspace.

Compact machines are easier to install.

A smaller machine guarantees better operator accessibility within the room that it is placed, which is crucial for efficient pharmaceutical packaging.

A new standard for space-efficient and versatile end-of-line equipment.

TS230 Case Packer Palletizer is revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Packaging with its Compact design.

It is Graniten most compact end-of-line solution yet, using all three dimensions to execute its tasks.

  • It is half the size of the already compact TS810, making it ideal for pharmaceutical packaging.
  • The machine only has two format parts, making a changeover of a few minutes possible, and limiting the amount of storage space needed for pharmaceutical packaging.
  • The compact design is realized through close collaboration between Graniten mechanical design, and the automation team.
  • The machine has an ergonomic design to increase the accessability for operators and service engineers.
Casepacker/ palletizer TS230

Andreas Blomgren, Mechanical Design Engineer at Graniten.

Casepacker/ palletizer TS230

Casepacker/palletizer TS230 from Graniten

Small but not basic.

TS230 has functions such as:

  • Automatic guide rail adjustment for incoming cartons
  • Outfeed for In Process Control checks
  • 360⁰ wrap-around taping
  • Corrugated box labelling
  • Case and pallet aggregation
  • Eject conveyor for incoming cartons
  • Eject conveyor for filled corrugated boxes
  • Automatic corrugated box pallet pattern generator
  • HMI with full CFR21 part 11 pharma requirements support

With pharmaceutical packaging in mind, the TS230 case packer/ palletizer sets a new standard for space-efficient and versatile end-of-line equipment.

Case packer/ palletizer TS230

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