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what if?

…there was a production line that could be setup for different formats within minutes?

… there was a production line that where a wide range of new formats and patterns can be easily introduced?

… there was a production line that is built truly modular where each process step can be validated separately?

… there was a production line where new modules can be easily added as needs change?

This would enable a payback in 1 day vs current production machines

– With more frequent and lengthy changeover times from one batch to another, high speed legacy lines can only deliver a fraction of their full capacity.

Changeovers have been reported as taking up as much as 80% of production time, severely compromising the equipment’s efficiency.

Production planning becomes focused on the limitations of the production equipment rather than on market needs.

Graniten invented a platform solution for this, says Daniel Brännwik Technology manager at Graniten.

Daniel Brännwik Graniten

Daniel Brännwik, Technology manager at Graniten

The Graniten Flexline Packaging platform 

close to zero change-over time

Decrease change-over time to increase overall productivity

The Graniten Flexline Packaging Platform help ensure continuing production by allowing manufacturers to move their small order runs off the legacy, high-capacity lines, thereby reducing the amount of long and costly changeovers needed leading to higher asset and line capacity utilization.

So, forget the lengthy change-over times from one batch to another and turn your focus on the market needs instead of production limitations.

Time to market

Biological drugs are increasing and will drive more complex and
controlled manufacturing methods

Introducing new formats is complex and time consuming, or even impossible.

The Graniten Flexline packaging platform decreases the time to market through it’s flexibility. It becomes easy to adapt to new requirements, i.e. an additional labels, serialization etc.

smaller footprint

In the past, automated systems were closely designed around the physical formats of the products and tailored to very high volumes.

With Graniten Flexline packaging platform it becomes easy to adapt  to new requirements, i.e. an additional labels, serialization etc.

Flexline modularity enables high usage of invested assets over time since machine can be easily adjusted for new products. Good for the environment and with a small footprint

Graphic over produced pieces


Graniten Flexline
packaging platform
Line efficiency
Change-over time

A complete packaging reform


Each process step is in a separate module. Based on your requirements, modules that fit the functions needed are configured together forming your packing line. With its flexible modular setup. the Graniten Flexline platform fits with most production and packing needs allowing you to get a tailormade setup.

It offers investment protection, as modules can be replaced or added as new production needs arise. Modules can also be pre-validated before installation resulting in quicker time to market.

Flexline modularity enables high usage of invested assets over time since the machine can be easily adjusted for new products, increasing ROI


Low speed, close to zero (C2Z) change-over time between format recipes
10-20 products/min

< 3 mins changeover time for bottle line
< 15 min for vials, syringes and auto injectors
< 15 min for blisters
Easy to add new format recipes.
Wide format range
Different sizes and shapes of products can be handled with no format parts.


  • Modular – fits with most production and packing needs allowing for a tailormade setup. Opt for all, or a variation of cells, for primary, secondary and/or tertiary (end-of-line) packing
  • Low Changeover Time – format changes done by recipes change only; it has close-to-zero (C2Z) change over time, allowing for a more continuous operation
  • Scalable & Upgradeable – new modules can be easily added or upgraded at a later stage as requirements and technology change and thereby extend the life of the investment
  • Ease of Setup of New Recipes – no physical parts needs changed between format changes, setting up new recipes becomes quick and simple
  • Prepared for aggregation and serialisation – Enables track and trace of batches and boxes, increasing regulatory and quality compliance and enables better management of your supply chain
  • Close integration with factory production planning and line supervision systems


  • Vials
  • Bottles
  • Syringes
  • Auto injectors
  • Blister
Product sheet Flexline packaging platform

the different solutions

solids solutions:

  • Primary packaging line bottle
  • Primary packaging  line clinical trials
  • Secondary packaging line bottle
  • Secondary packaging line blister single and dosepack

syringe, autoinjector, and vial SOLUTIONS:

  • Secondary packaging line vial, syringe, and autoinjector
  • Inspection machine (from Brevetti)
  • Digital pad printer
  • Small batch cartoner

blow fill seal soultions:

  • Digital pad printer
  • Leak detector
  • Cosmetic inspection

End of line solutions:

  • Casepacker palitizer TS810
  • Casepacker palitizer TS230
  • Casepacker palitizer TP710
  • Casepacker palitizer WA410

Pouch solutions:

  • Primary pouch packing

Vial and ampoule solutions

  • Secondary packaging line vial and ampoule solutions
  • Inspectionmachine (Brevetti)
  • Small bacth cartoner

curious to find out more?

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Email: christian.berglund(at)graniten.com

Anders Wilhelmsson
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Email: anders.wilhelmsson@graniten.com

Anders Söderberg
Telephone: +46(0) 793 400369
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