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Graniten joins XANO Industri AB

By March 28, 2024No Comments

We’re thrilled to share the news that Graniten has joined XANO Industrial Solutions‘s business unit.

This exciting development, announced on Friday, March 22, marks a strategic move by XANO Industri AB to leverage Graniten‘s technical expertise for future growth and development within our portfolio.

Under this new partnership, Graniten will continue to accelerate and grow the current business plan that Graniten has developed during recent years, including the innovative Graniten Flexline machine platform.

This collaboration presents us with expanded opportunities to strengthen our market position and explore new avenues for growth.

XANO Acquisition
Magnus Wall

“We are all excited to be part of XANO Industrial Solutions as this gives us the ability to accelerate our market growth and continue to be a long-term value driven company within the XANO family. XANO’s recognition of the potential in the Graniten machine product portfolio within Pharma and Healthcare is a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise”

says Magnus Wall, CEO of Graniten.

Lennart Persson, President and CEO of XANO, shares his perspective:

“We see potential in the Graniten machine portfolio and are eager to expand its reach into the pharma sector and new geographical markets. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our strategic vision for growth and innovation.”

Lennart Persson
Frans Augustijn

Frans Augustijn, Business Unit Manager for Industrial Solutions, echoes this sentiment:

“Graniten’s technical skill opens up exciting opportunities for our business unit.

We look forward to leveraging their expertise to enhance our portfolio and drive future success.”

Stay tuned as we embark on this new chapter of collaboration and innovation. Exciting times lie ahead for Graniten and XANO!

Want to learn more about this exciting development?

Stay updated on our journey by following XANO at xano.se and Graniten at graniten.com


Graniten is a global product company that develops and produces high technology machines for the pharmaceutical industry and for the Healtcare sector.

As one of the world’s most innovative automation companies, we help our customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

To find out more on Graniten Flexline visit our homepage Solids solutions – Graniten and follow us on LinkedIn for more updates.

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