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Maximizing Laboratory Efficiency by Automation. This is a customer story in how Vestfold hospital in Norway automated their lab. Bio Engineer, Lise- Gro Moore at Vestfold hospital shares her findings and thoughts. Learn more in how they automated their lab in this news post.


In 2014, our laboratory faced a crucial juncture. We needed to replace part of our analytical instruments, and simultaneously, the volume of tests we were handling was increasing exponentially. The number of analyses performed had doubled from 2005 to 2015, presenting us with challenges that needed innovative solutions.

Primary objective – reducing manual labor and ensuring the highest quality.

One of our primary objectives was to reduce manual labor while ensuring the highest quality in our analytical processes. Manual testing not only consumed valuable time but also introduced the risk of human errors into our workflow. Furthermore, manual handling lacked traceability, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact status of a test within the process.

Automation emerged as the answer to the problems.

By automating our processes, we gained real-time visibility into the status of tests at any given moment. This newfound traceability allowed us to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce variations in response times, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

Blood sample handlilng robot graniten

The PTL machine from Graniten

An unexpected remarkable improvement.

One remarkable improvement we experienced was in our sample receiving process. Automation enabled us to receive test samples through a pneumatic tube system, eliminating the need for manual handling. This enhancement not only improved our efficiency but also allowed us to use the pneumatic tube system more actively, benefiting both outpatient care and hospital wards.

In conclusion:

– “Our collaboration with Graniten has been transformative. Their space-efficient solutions, proximity, and receptiveness to feedback have made a significant impact on our laboratory’s operations.  Automation has not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our overall quality and efficiency”. says Lise-Gro Moore.

About Graniten

Graniten is a global product company that develops and produces high technology machines for the pharmaceutical industry and for the Healtcare sector. As one of the world’s most innovative automation companies, we help our customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

The PTL-machine developed by Graniten lets hospital staff do what they were hired to do; “taking care of patients”. It works 24/7 and ensures that patients get quick and reliable results any time of the day. The machine increases efficiency of the lab by minimizing interruptions and manual handling of containers and samples. Let the robots liberate your staff!

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