Secondary packaging line vial, syringe, and autoinjector

Secondary packaging line bottles

Complete solution for secondary packaging of vial, syringe and autoinjector. Makes “payback in days” a fact for manufacturers of high value products.

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Fully automated and free from format parts, Graniten Flexline secondary packaging line vials, syringes, and autoinjectors, enables minimal time between batches in favor of more responsive pharmaceutical development and production.

Compared with standard equipment that runs at higher speed yet requires lengthy stops between batches, Graniten Flexline ensures maximum production efficiency in small batch production.

The consequences on time and output are gasping in production of high value products but striking at whatever product worth.

MAIN processes

  • Carton folding
  • Partition folding and insertion
  • Syringe/auto injector loading or vial labelling and loading
  • Product retention folding
  • Booklet and leaflet insertion
  • Carton closing
  • Carton labelling and serialization
  • Tamper-evident labelling
  • Bollino labelling
  • Outfeed, reject, and sample point

main features

  • Close to zero changeover time
  • Tailormade and modular set-up
  • Scalable and upgradable as requirements change
  • Minimal footprint
  • Low environmental impact
  • Track and trace
  • Good manufacturing practise compliant design


Format flexibility:

  • Carton (LxWxH): 
  • Format 1: 95x70x47 mm
  • Format 2: 170x95x45
  • Partition: sizes provided on request
  • Vial (ØxW): 24×45 mm
  • Syringe: 
  • Auto injector (LxWxH): min 145×18,2×21,1 mm, max 152,5×21,7×25 mm
  • Booklet (LxWxH): min 150x80x2 mm, max 150x80x4 mm
  • Leaflet (LxW): min 76×62 mm, max 87×62 mm

Capacity: 10-12 parts per minute

Technical changeover time: < 9 min


Length  11 m
Width  1,8 m
Height 2,4 m

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    Digital pad printer

    Digital pad printer

    Designed for pharmaceutical production, this machine can print on any product. 

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    Graniten’s Digital Pad Printer enables our customers to increase their capability of late stage customization, decrease their inventory level and increase their savings on consumables all in a smaller footprint.

    The machine is based upon a linear servo drive system which enables each incoming product to be handled individually regardless of the characteristics of the incoming product flow.

    Defective products identified by vision inspection are rejected into a bin. The machine comes with a unique, short conversion time between different batches, close to zero change over time – C2Z (~2 min).


    • Compact and open
    • Hygienic GMP design for pharmaceutical production
    • Reject function after vision inspection
    • User-friendly HMI
    • Plasma treatment
    • UV hardener
    • Left or right infeed
    • Add the flexibility of digital technology to your packaging line
    • The solution for a highly agile and lean production
    • Repeatability of color and contrast on the product (no solvents)
    • Serialization and code printing
    • No inventory of pads, labels or tooling
    • Modular design with a simple upgrade path
    • Reduce costs and waste
    • Late stage customization of finished products


    • Laser etching on the flag (BFS products)
    • Full colour print
    • Outgoing flow can be arranged in an even manner and synchronized with downstream equipment due to a built-in buffer system. This makes the machine the ideal solution for feeding flow wrapping machines etc.



    Input speed: 0-220 ppm uneven flow
    Output speed: 0-220 ppm even flow
    Max product speed: 60 m/min


    Length: 2,0 m
    Width: 1,2 m
    Height: 1,9 m


    Electrical – 400V, 16A
    Air supply 6 bar

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      Inspection machines

      We are sales agent in the nordics for Brevetti CEA, the innovative manufacturer of ground-breaking inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products.


      Inspection and control systems for all medicines are the key to ensuring effectiveness and safety in all automated production processes and global distribution. Product innovation combined with experience and reliability has made Brevetti CEA internationally recognized as the inspection specialist.

      Visit their website to learn more or contact us.

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