The PTL machine


Length 1,6 m
Width 1,3 m
Height 2,4 m

The PTL-Machine lets hospital staff do what they were hired to do; “running lab tests”. It works 24/7 and ensures that patients get quick and accurate results any time of the day. The machine increases efficiency in the lab by minimizing interruptions and manual handling of carriers and samples. Let the robots liberate your staff!

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Two thirds of the information a physician needs to diagnose a patient comes from the laboratory, so why don’t we let the laboratory staff get back to running the tests, instead of handling incoming carriers from the pneumatic tube system and manually sorting samples for the pre-analytical steps.

The Graniten PTL machine receives carriers from the pneumatic tube system, opens, empties them and returns the empty carriers. The fully automatic machine sorts the sample tubes, using user defined criteria, into multiple output options, all without needing any manual input from staff.

The machine increases efficiency of the laboratory by minimizing interruptions and manual handling, thus allowing staff to focus on the diagnostic stages.


  • Fully automatic carrier handling
  • Sample tubes are automatically sorted and fed to the lab automation system
  • Flexible carrier handling – with or without inserts
  • Pre-check of samples, based on user defined criteria
  • Reject function and alarm
  • ‘First in first out’ – samples are not buried at the bottom when new samples arrive
  • Sample load balancing at peak periods to reduce stress
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Dedicated user and user-level log ins for traceability and quality assurance
  • Remote support to reduce downtime


  • Multiple output location: laboratory automation conveyor, waiting station, manual handling, conveyor for another analyser etc.
  • Multiple carrier sizes:
    Ø160mm, length ~340 – 365mm
    Ø110mm, length ~255mm
  • Tube dimensions: Ø10 mm – Ø16 mm, at least 70 mm in length (incl. cap)



Up to 200 carriers/hour (without insert)
Up to 800 test tubes/hour (with insert)
Short peak input, less than 2 minutes (3 carriers, totalling 72 test tubes)


Length: 1,6 m
Width: 1,3 m
Height: 2,4 m


Electrical: 400 V, 16 A, 1.5 kW
Air Supply: 6 Bar, 120 nL/min
Internet for support & service: VPN or WiFi dongle provided in machine

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