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Service and Aftermarket

Graniten provides 24/7 service and support using modern tools to help our customers reach their availability and productivity goals. We focus on output and finding the best solutions to problems, often adding more value than just restoring to original state.  


Get in contact with our 24/7 helpdesk by clicking the button, this service is valid for our customers with a service level agreement.


Do you need to order spare parts? Get in touch with us by clicking the button below and mail us you inquiry


Have you got a general question? Then you can get in touch with us via mail. We will get back to  you as soon as we can.



We, at Graniten, operate through a standardized service contract model that applies for all our customers, which makes both parties more productive. We are also able to do continuous improvements serving more than just one customer at a time.

The model consists of a process where the customer can make several choices depending on need of assistance, capabilities and priority of the equipment.

L1 – Helpdesk 24/7

A remote full service with call center, ticket tracing and augmented reality solutions to help our customers in real time in both emergency and non-emergency situations. This level works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our customers have one primary point of contact — our service portal. On this service portal, clients can easily view all ongoing communications, issues, problems and solutions that they have with the company. They can also order spare parts or schedule service visits.

L2 – Preventive Maintenance

On L2, Graniten can perform maintenance for the purpose of preventing damage and to limit the amount of downtime for the customer. Our customers can decide priority, intervals or availability targets for their machines; we will then monitor, plan and execute service and maintenance to fit their needs—all at a fixed price rate.

L3 – Emergency Help

This level gives our customers access to on-site emergency visits. Graniten can be available within an agreed upon time and travel to the customer´s premises to solve the problem. L3 can also be offered in line with L1 so customers will always be able to track everything from problem through to solution.


The use of original parts is the best maintenance practice to protect machines availability and reliability. Graniten offers a variety of ways to handle spare parts to optimize stock and availability, thus minimizing downtime.


Remote service is the fastest tool to assist customers with different issues and breakdowns. Our 24/7 helpdesk enables both remote support and swift assistance. Moreover, our AR (Augmented Reality) guided support ensures professional service at a quick response time.

Through remote assistance, Graniten can also interact directly with the machine HMI to get a complete overview of its current status.
Direct access to machines allows Graniten to monitor the equipment, promptly diagnose operational issues and provide immediate troubleshooting, transfer control and information data simultaneously, change parameters, evaluate images, do a software check, and, finally, reduce downtime, damage risk, and operating costs.

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