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The Power of Collaboration Development: Driving future Innovations

In the dynamic world of automation and technology, Graniten recognizes that the key to sustained success lies in the power of collaboration development.

Graniten strives to foster long-term partnerships that go beyond traditional business relationships. This commitment to collaboration is not just a strategy; it’s a way of working that drives Graniten to the forefront of innovations.

Building Trust through Collaboration

At Graniten, the foundation of collaboration is trust.

By creating an environment of trust, Graniten ensures that collaborations are meaningful, tailored, and geared towards finding the best solutions for the customer.

Continuous Collaboration

Graniten’s approach to collaboration development is a continuous and dynamic process involving stakeholders with diverse viewpoints.

Whether collaborating with universities, customers, or partners, Graniten remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Continuous collaboration

Collaboration stakeholders



Firstly, Graniten’s collaboration, with universities is a testament to its dedication to knowledge exchange.

By welcoming students for internships and thesis work the student gain real-life experience and the universities get the advantage of concrete business cases. The result of the thesis can immediately be transformed into value to our customers. A great way of creating a win-win solution for all involved.



Nonetheless, collaboration with our customers is not just about meeting project requirements; it’s about co-creating solutions.

Graniten engages in Proof of Principles projects with customers to identify and mitigate technical risks before execution. This collaborative approach results in a shared vision of processes and the selection of optimal technologies, ultimately reducing development times and lead times in the execution projects.



Lastly, Graniten’s collaboration with partners is a crucial component to be one of the world’s most innovative automation companies.

Partner contributions is ranging from proven technologies to the latest technology innovation.

They all play a pivotal role in helping Graniten’s customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

“Continuous collaborations are the key to always stay ahead of the latest trends in technology and find new innovations. Without this collaboration we wouldn’t be able to be one of the most innovative automation companies in the pharma and healthcare industry”

says Joakim Jönsson, Engineering & Product Development Director at Graniten.

Engineering director Graniten
Beckhoff at fair at Graniten

Cross-Border Collaboration

To use cross-border collaboration exemplifies by the bi-yearly Symposium hosted by Graniten. This is when customers, partners and universities come together to share ideas, knowledge and discuss around a common theme. This year the theme is connected to sustainability and circularity.

Our carefully selected participants are able to listen to interesting guest speakers, panel discussions, and attend an exhibition that is showcasing the latest technologies within our industry.


“We believe that when we come together and collaborate and share our knowledge and ideas, with each other, we can make a difference for our industry, and for our planet“

says Magnus Wall, CEO at Graniten.

Magnus Wall


In conclusion, Graniten’s dedication to collaboration development is not just a strategy—it’s a culture.

By continuously engaging with stakeholders, embracing cross-border collaboration, and hosting events that foster knowledge-sharing, Graniten is not only staying ahead of technological trends and driving innovation; it’s shaping the future of automation with a commitment to sustainability and business excellence.


Graniten is a global product company that develops and produces high technology machines for the pharmaceutical industry and for the Healtcare sector. As one of the world’s most innovative automation companies, we help our customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.



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