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The value of true modularity in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

This blog explores how Graniten’s cutting-edge Flexline solution, utilizing innovative technology, addresses the industry’s demand for customized solutions even in the production of the smallest batches. 

A paradigm shift in the pharma production processes

The ever-increasing release of highly specialized medications bring the need for a paradigm shift in the pharma production processes. In parallel, new legislations to increase patient safety are continuously added.

Combined, this means that the production equipment needs to be adapted with changed or added functionalities, while other features become obsolete and need to be removed throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Graniten Flexline – truly modular


Graniten see that the way to tackle this challenge is to design machines in a truly modular fashion.

By this we mean not only the mechanical interfaces, but that the core of the architecture is designed to be modular.

Graniten Flexline Complete bottle line
Daniel Brännwik in front of Graniten Flexline
Daniel Brännwik in front of a Graniten Flexline module at Achema


When developing Graniten Flexline, true modularity has been one of the corner stones for us, says Daniel Brännwik, Technology manager at Graniten.

This means that the system is truly modular both from a mechanical and software perspective. Each process step is built into a separate self-contained module. The modules required for a specific production process are connected to each other to form a complete production line. 

The modules can be interchangeable in any order to be customized to the specific customer production process. Yet they maintain the quality brought by standardization, and time to market for the customer’s product is drastically shortened.

As requirements change, existing modules can be replaced with new functions or even be extended with added modules, allowing for the line to be easily adapted to changed needs.

Benefits of modularity

One often overlooked aspect when planning the introduction of a new product is the time for validation. Through the truly modular approach, validation can be focused only on the affected parts of the line, while all other parts can be left as is.

Another important consequence of bringing all process steps in a line into a common machine cell is that the entire line is controlled by a single HMI, reducing the need for operator training, further increasing quality.


View the true modularity in action.

Finally, the adaptability described above brought by the modularity is an enabler for a sustainable production, where the existing investment can be used for a considerably longer period.


In conclusion the Graniten Flexline stands as a testament to the value of true modularity in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

By offering a flexible, customizable solution, Graniten Flexline empowers customers in the pharmaceutical industry to adapt to evolving demands and optimize production efficiency.

In a landscape where change is constant, true modularity emerges as a key driver of innovation and success. 



Graniten is a global product company that develops and produces high technology machines for the pharmaceutical industry and for the Healtcare sector.

As one of the world’s most innovative automation companies, we help our customers increase their productivity while lowering their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

To find out more on Graniten Flexline visit our homepage Solids solutions – Graniten and follow us on LinkedIn for more updates.

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